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The climate is very important in Georgia. Mostly there are two types of climatic zones here. The climate of western and eastern Georgia is sharply different from each other. The Greater Caucasus Mountains play a big role in climate formation of the country and prevents the country from entering cold air masses from the north. The Lesser Caucasus Mountains partially keep the sourth’s dry and hot air masses off. A large part of western Georgia characterizes with humid subtropical climate. The climate dramatically changes according to the rises of the sea level. The climate is warm and pleasant in lowlands. Mountainous climate is very strict.

The avarage temperature in western Georgia in winter is 5 degrees celsius and in summer 22 degrees. In eastern Georgian there is a transational climate from humid subtropical to continental.

The most precipitated periods in this region are spring and autumn. Summer and winter are characterized by relatively small amount of precipitations. 2000 meters above the sea level in the mountainous regions snow is a common phenomenon in summer. In eastern Georgia the average summer temperature is 20-24 degrees while the average winter temperature is 2-4 degrees.