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  • Tbilisi
  • 350 km²
  • 20-24°C
  • UTC+4
  • Lari
  • Georgian
  • 1,118,035
  • “Georgia is an orangery of beauties. All Europeans, who appeared in Georgia, talk about the precious beauty of Georgian female unanimously.”

    Immanuel Kant
  • “Georgians are distinctive, with a lovely face and proud of their beautiful country, as I am proud that I am from New York. I will be back to Georgia again.”

    Billy Joel
  • "I've seen almost everything in Tbilisi – in Georgian heaven, and I have not worked such productively anywhere than in Tbilisi."

    Alexandre Dumas

General Information About Tbilisi

Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in the world. It existed as the capital of Iberia as it is mentioned in the old Georgian and foreign literature. Modern structures, old temples, the river Kura across the city, paved downhills and fashionable streets-it all together in the city of the sun and roses. Not only for Georgia but for the whole of the Caucasus geographical center, Tbilisi is an infrastructure of the ancient historical heritages and modernity. Old stations, old houses with yards, ancient temples go unnoticebly or noticeably to modern design buildings, colored facades, the dancer and singer fountains and fashionably recognized streets.


in Tbilisi there is climate going from mild to moderately humid subtropical steppe climate. There are moderately cold winters and hot summers, the average annual temperature is 12,7 ° C, January 0,9 ° C, July 24,4 ° C; The absolute minimum temperature - 23 ° C, the absolute maximum is 40 ° C. 560 mm precipitation per year. May is rich with rainfall (90 mm), the driest - June (20 mm). Snow may come to an average for 15-25 days a year. There are the north and north-west winds as well as the south-east wind.


Recomended Hotels In Tbilisi

Food in Tbilisi

is collected from the cooking traditions from all regions. Here you can taste the Svans' kubdari, khachapuri, and Mengrelian satsivi Mokhevian khinkali. There are also numerous wine shops and wine halls in Tbilisi, where you can taste and buy the best Georgian wines. Get acquainted with Georgian cheese shops and also taste the unique Georgian cheese.

Tbilisi Culture and Traditions

Tbilisi is a cultural and economic center. There are a lot of theaters and museums. There is also renewed Opera House. Tbilisi is famous for its night life, which is very interesting and original. Tbilisi night life is chaotic, fun and care-free. Tbilisi is proud of its history and traditions. This is particularly felt in the old districts of Tbilisi, where there is always a good spirit. Medieval travelers noted that with its external view and internal reality Tbilisi is individual, because in Oriental suberbs European is mixed while in the European parts Oriental is added. Tbilisi is a multicultural city, a key section of the Silk Road has always attracted travelers, traders and conquerors, which led to the architecture and culture is really impressive and unique. "There are not so many foreigners anywhere in the world as you meet here. Armenians, Greeks, Jews, Persians, Indians, Tatars, Moskovits and Europeans," wrote Jean Chardin.


King Vakhtang I Gorgasali rebuilt this mentioned territory and started to build the city. He is considered to be the founder of Tbilisi. The city derived its name from the old Georgian word “Tiflis”, which means warm and describes numerous sulfur hot springs. According to an old Georgian legend, King Vakhtang washunting in the forest. […]

Old Tbilisi

City’s major sights are concentrated in the old city. This district also boasts the Abanotubani – sulfur baths are still valid; There are a lot of popular restaurants, cafes, open-bars, night clubs , galleries in Chardin street, Rkina street and Bamba street.

Tbilisi Funicular

Tbilisi Funicular among the mountain’s cable route is one of the largest and most beautiful buildings. Funicular railway located on the Mtatsminda Plateau lead us to cultural and leisure complex. There is also a “Bombora” – the city’s biggest amusement park.


Narikala fortress, which is visible from every corner of the old, dates back to the IV -XVI centuries, the purpase of it was a security for local rulers.

Rustaveli Avenue and Freedom Square

Rustaveli Avenue and Freedom Square begins from the Liberty Station and it is referred as a city centre because of the multitude of important state, social, cultural and business institutions.

Dry bridge

Dry bridge is known for selling paintings, antiques and “exchange broker”.

Gabriadze Theater

Gabriadze Theater is the first Georgian puppet theater in Tbilisi, which was founded in 1980. There is the clock tower at the entrance of the theater, of which at 12 o’clock the mechanical dolls give a brief performance.

Agmashenebeli Avenue

Agmashenebeli Avenue is one of the oldest and most beautiful streets. Here you will meet old architectural buildings, painted porches and featured ornaments.

Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia

Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia was founded in 1919 and its natural and human history collections containing a unique collection of 40 million year old remains of the animal, the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, Iron and medieval archaeological and ethnographic collections.


Sameba is the highest Trinity Orthodox Church in Georgia. Cathedral Complex consist of surface and underground parts of the church and brings together 9, various auxiliary buildings and a beautiful garden.

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Tbilisi City Tour 24/04/2016 - 31/10/2016

per person$40.00
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Tour type: cultural, City Tour
  • Number of tourists: 2/10