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  • Mtskheta-Mtianeti
  • Mtskheta
  • 6 785 km²
  • 11°C
  • UTC+4
  • Lari
  • Georgian
  • 94 370
  • “I've seen almost everything in Tbilisi – in Georgian heaven, and I have not worked such productively anywhere than in Tbilisi.”

    Immanuel Kant
  • “Georgians are distinctive, with a lovely face and proud of their beautiful country, as I am proud that I am from New York. I will be back to Georgia again.”

    Billy Joel
  • "I've seen almost everything in Tbilisi – in Georgian heaven, and I have not worked such productively anywhere than in Tbilisi."

    Alexandre Dumas

General Information About Mtskheta-Mtianeti

Mtianeti is one of the beautiful and various parts of Georgia. Here snowy mountains in 3500 and 5000 m of the Ccaucasus range are close to each other. Here are peaks and mountain passes, beautiful gorges, secluded lakes and alpine valleys. The Caucasus of Khevi and Khevsureti is amazingly beautiful. It slopes steeply down Aragvi valley and creates a unique landscape. From several passes in the Caucasus - Jvari Pass, which is very beautiful and locates on the unique Georgian military road connects to north Georgia historically. This beautiful province is described by Georgian poets and writers as well as foreign traveleres.


in the lowland part of Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, the climate is mild. There are moderately cold winters and long, warm summer. The average temperature of year is 11 ° C, in lower than January - 0 ° C. The absolute minimum is fixed at -30 ° C, the absolute maximum + 39 ° C. In the mountains, which devoid of real summer there is alpine humid, and above 3300-3400 m - there is an alpine climate with excess snow and glaciers. Avarage annual temperature ranges between 0 ° C- at 2350 meters, and above - significantly lower. Maximum rainfall is in the spring, in May. In winter snow is mostly in the whole region. The cover of snow is very low. In some years in the mountainous parts it reaches 3,5 m. In Kazbegi region in the height of 2600-36000 m real summer never comes. Upper 3600 meters there is always snow and glaciers, mostly precipitation comes in the form of snow. Precipitation: 650-1000 mm per year. Persistent snow lasts for 5-7 months.

Food in Mtskheta-Mtianeti

in eastern mountinaus Georgia, in Mteiuleti, Tusheti, Fshavi, Kevsureti and in particular Tusheti there are these following popular and traditional dishes: Khinkali, Gordila (boiled dough in water), Kaghi (bread), Kaurma, Kontori (cottage cheese filling). Gouda cheese is a proud of Georgian traditional cuisine. However, in Pshav-Khevsureti Khinkali can be cooked both with meat and cottage cheese and potatoes as well. Another dish - Khavitsi is made from butter, flour and sugar, it is used for filling sweet cake. Jhipitauri (light vodka) and beer are famous.

Mtskheta-Mtianeti Culture and Traditions

Mtskheta was not only the ancient capital of Georgia, but also the history of the Georgian civilization. The territory of Mtskheta and "Great Mtskheta" has been inhabited since the early Middle Bronze Age (III-II millennium BC). During late Bronze and early Iron Age (II-I millennium BC) it was heavily populated (Principality, the upper Avchala, Tsitsamuri, Narekvavi, Tserovani, Nabaghrevi's necropolis and settlements). In BC IV century Mtskheta is the political center of newly born Kartli Kingdom (Iberia). Promotion and development of the city was supported by the favorable geographical location - here the international trade ways were passing, which were along the rivers The Aragvi and The Kura.

Mtskheta was the center of Christianity till the XII century. Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, as the border line, which in spite of the stricest conditios was protecting its northern borders, remains the guardian of the traditions which were established during the centuries. A number of provinces: Khevi, part of Khevsureti due to terribe conditions in the winter months of the year are isolated. Therefore, heroism of people from these provinces is extremely important, they participations in battles and the role of protecting the northern borders of Georgia.


Gudauri is the best ski resort in Georgia with a well-developed infrastructure. There is a big difference in terms of height and unlimited possibilities and for backcountry-‘s (ski tour) lovers. The resort is the highest settlement on the military road (the old name of it is “Heavenly Valley”) – at an altitude of 2000 meters. […]

Upper Truso Gorge

In Upper Truso Gorge located in Kazbegi there can be found many historical and cultural monuments, villages, mineral waters deposited travertines, glacial and river deposits. There are modern glaciers around the ridges.

Devdoraki Glacier

The hiking trail from Stefantsminda runs along the Daryal Gorge in place leading to Devdoraki Glacier. Until the destination there are Gveleti waterfalls, as well as you can meet a birch forest, which is rich in alpine types of plants.

Gergeti Trinity Church

Gergeti Trinity Church dated from the XIV century is a Georgian architectural complex located in the village of Gergeti, in 6 km distance with Stepantsminda, at an altitude of 2200 meters. The complex includes the domed Holy Trinity Cathedral (XIV century 30-ies), the bell tower (XIV century II) and living quarters (XV century).

Stepantsminda Historic Museum

Stepantsminda Historic Museum is located in the memorial house of Georgian writer Alexander Kazbegi (1848-1890). In the museum besides the writer’s library and belongings, there are kept a typical lifestyle in the ethnographic, applied Art; archaeological material; religious objects; books and local artists’ works.


Mtskheta is in UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Municipal area was settled in the early and middle Bronze Age and was the political center Iberia Kingdom. Only 20 kilometers far from Tbilisi, and at the confluence of the Aragvi and The Kura rivers, the city is located in an ancient trade route. According to the […]

Mtskheta State Archaeological Museum-Reserve

Mtskheta State Archaeological brings together the world and national archaeological importance. In the museum-reserve there are kept a variety of materials from the Bronze Age in the late medieval times and ethnographic artifacts.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Georgian architecture monument Svetitskhoveli Cathedral dated from the XI century was Christian religious center for the centuries. The complex includes the church, the gate, the bell tower, palaces, and clergy residences. There is buried the Christ’s mantle and St. Ilia predictor’s mantle as well in Svetitskhoveli.


Bebristsikhe castle is located in the north of Mtskheta on the right bank of the river Aragvi. Since ancient times it was called Belta. It is built in ancient period. The total area of the fortress is about 1500 square meters.

Jvari Monastery

VI century Georgian Orthodox monastery- Jvari Monastery stands on a hill, in the opposite side of the old capital of Georgia – Mtskheta, where The Aragvi river connects to the Mtkvari. After acceptance of Christianity from the early years on this place the first Christian King Mirian III put a high wooden cross. In the […]

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