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  • Imereti
  • Kutaisi
  • 6 552 km²
  • 18,5°C
  • UTC+4
  • Lari
  • Georgian
  • 536 052
  • “Georgia is an orangery of beauties. All Europeans, who appeared in Georgia, talk about the precious beauty of Georgian female unanimously.”

    Immanuel Kant
  • “Georgians are distinctive, with a lovely face and proud of their beautiful country, as I am proud that I am from New York. I will be back to Georgia again.”

    Billy Joel
  • "I've seen almost everything in Tbilisi – in Georgian heaven, and I have not worked such productively anywhere than in Tbilisi."

    Alexandre Dumas

General Information About Imereti

specific zone region located in the southeastern part of the rivers Alazani and Iori and occupies 11.300 m2. North Kakheti is bordered by the Greater Caucasus mountain range to the west ridge of Kartli, in the south-east of Azerbaijan.

Imereti in western Georgia is one of the historical and geographical area, the main city of this region is Kutaisi. Imereti is divided into Upper and Lower Imereti. It is bordered by the Likhi Range, to the west it is bordered by the river Tskhenistskali, the Caucasus mountain range to the north, while the south of the Meskhetian Persati Mountains. Imereti lowland landscapes are covered by Colchis plants. Imereti forests are rich in animals and birds. Big cities and settlements of Imereti are the following: Kutaisi, Zestafoni, Samtredia, Sachkhere, Chiatura, Khoni, Vani, Bagdadi, Tskaltubo, Vartsikhe, kharagauli, Shorapani, Kula, Terjola, Tkibuli and numerous villages. Imereti crossing rivers are: The Dzirula, The Chkherimela, The Kvirila, The Rikotula and others.


there is mainly humid subtropical climate in Imereti region. The low mountainous and medium areas of the sea influence is weakened, however, is characterized by a humid climate. Here winter is cold and summer is relatively dry and hot. January temperature is + 2, + 5, the summer maximum temperature is +38, + 40C. Precipitation is 100-200 mm. Average number of days with precipitation per year is totally 150.

Food in Imereti

Imeretians are amazingly hospitable. Here a wide variety of dishes are welcomed guests. In dishes people use walnut, which gives a wonderful taste to the products. Imereti special dishes are the following: Khachapuri, Satsivi, Ghomi, Mchadi, cheese, bread, greens, beans, Phkhali, salads, fish, poultry, variety of beef and pork dishes, vegetables, honey, fruit, dried fruit, jams and other .. . Imeretians especially love fried chicken in blackberry and unripe grape juice (Isrim). Most of the dishes are prepared in clay pots and are decorated with greens.

Imereti Culture and Traditions

Imereti is distinguished with a highly developed spiritual, economic and material culture. Imereti viticulture, agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, beekeeping, dairy products are gardening are developed. In agriculture, viticulture takes one of the important places, fruit, vegetable and corn-growing were very popular. There were rejoicing the unique vine varieties. Caring for vine was started here in ancient times. The feast and entertainment are an integral part of the life of Imereti. Songs are an attribute for Imeretian feast. Urban tradition of song and guitar songs come from Imereti. Even today in Imereti, during the feast, people sing traditional polyphonic, lyrical and humorous songs. Imereti ethnographic life preserved folk customs and religious rituals. One of the most popular holidays was New Year holiday in Imereti. Imeretians are good at construction and exquisite craftsmanship. The villages in this region have houses and the yards around them are very impressive, planning tradition of it passed down from generation to generation. The house stands in the center of the courtyard, the balcony of the sun's face. There are mostly one or two-storey houses. Old houses are with tiled roof and it is decorated with carved balconies. Highly rural fences, manicured courtyards, wooden balconies and houses with a fireplace, a kitchen for small buildings, cellars and barns are very common. Imeretian fire-makers were well known all over Georgia, from the country's different regions were invited they to build a fireplacec. Each of them had its own style and method. Imereti region is characterized by a special charm and atmosphere. Clay oven baked bread are incomparable, a pan-fried mushrooms and trout as well. Wine container - pitcher is placed in the ground and keeps wine cool in hot summer, which prolongs the storage of wine. It is also handy for keeping drinking water cool in a clay vessel. Traditional toasts are common at traditional feast, special toasts are drank with quite symbolic cups. In such cases people use clay bowls, horn and even tile. There is located a large market of clay products in the village of Shrosha. Besids ovens and a huge wine pitches, pots, clay pans, jugs, cups, horns, there is a great choice of variety of shapes and sizes.


Kutaisi located in Imereti is Georgia’s second largest city with elegant, trees lined streets, 19th-century houses and attractive parks. There are many of the beautiful historic buildings. In Jewish district, there are a number of synagogues, which emphasizes the Georgian Jewish community. The city’s largest synagogue was built in 1886 and 500 worshipers can seat […]

Kutaisi State Historical Museum

მუზეუმში 150,000-ზე მეტი ექსპონატია დაცული. მათ შორის ქვეყნის კულტურული მემკვიდრეობის უნიკალური ნიმუშები ძვ.წ. VII – IX სს-დან გვიან შუასაუკუნეების ჩათვლით.

Bagrati Cathedral

X-XI century church Bagrati Cathedral with its architectural and artistic value takes the special place in the history of Georgian architecture.

Gelati Monastery

Gelati Monastery is located in the northeast, at 11 kilometers long from Kutaisi. In 1125 the monastery complex was built and it is now among UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List of Records as the most important medieval religious, cultural and educational center. That is, this temple where was buried King David the Builder. Add: village- […]

Motsameta Monastery

Motsameta Monastery is 6 km away from Kutaisi. In the VIII century monastery assemble was built by of the Holy Martyrs David and Constantine Mkheidzes the princes of Argveti Kingdom. Their holy remains are still preserved in the temple and there is a rumor that if you go under the place where their arts are […]

Sataplia Nature Reserve

Sataplia Nature Reserve is in the north-west, 6 km away from Kutaisi. There is kept an excellent forest reserve, covering more than five hundred hectares. It is possible to visit the dinosaur trace conservation facilities; view cave, overview from the glass sunroof and experience other exciting adventure activities. There are kept a lot of exhibits, […]

Prometheus Cave

Kumistavi cave is one of the most touristy spots of Georgia. It is a unique experience to feel the underworld atmosphere in all its glory and colors. Tourists may choose between walking tours along the 1600 meters route, and the boat ride along the underground river.

Katskhi Pillar

კირქვის სვეტისებრი 40 მეტრიანი კლდე ჭიათურის მუნიციპალიტეტში მდებარეობს. სვეტის თავზე შემორჩენილია ეკლესიის ნაშთი, კრიპტა (აკლდამა), სენაკები, მარანი და გალავანი.

Okatse Canyon

Okatse Canyon located in Imereti is the nature monument in Khoni municipality; Okatse is in the Okatse river gorge. Canyon length is 14 km and a width 3-20 m and a depth of 20-100 m. The gorge banks and forest are covered with bunches and box-trees.