King Vakhtang I Gorgasali rebuilt this mentioned territory and started to build the city. He is considered to be the founder of Tbilisi. The city derived its name from the old Georgian word “Tiflis”, which means warm and describes numerous sulfur hot springs.

According to an old Georgian legend, King Vakhtang washunting in the forest. Suddenly his falcon caught a pheasant which sank in a hot source and burnt to death. The king liked the waters and decided to cut trees and the king issued a command to urban development. Tbilisi is located in the South Caucasus, 41 ° 43 ‘North Latitude and 44 ° 47’ East Longitude. The capital of the east Georgia is built along the both of the banks of the Kura river. City is 380-770m above sea level, has the shape of an amphitheater and it is diverged with the mountains from three sides.