Shenako is located in the southern slope of the mountain range at an altitude of 2080 meters. In summer, many residents live in the village. Unique meadows and pine forests are around the village.
In the center of the village, near the chapel, there is nineteenth-century church. In front of the church there is a memorial dedicated to people who heroically died for homeland.

According to the archaeological excavations the remains of the settlement confirm, that since ancient times, and priority was given to the natural castles and massive settlement. Such castle- villages are the following: Diklo, Hegho,Tsaro, Indurta etc.

In each Tusheti village there is preserved XVII-XVIII centuries signaling and defensive towers, which was used as a stay for people during the fights.
Family community living castle-houses in the second part of XIX century lost defensive function and began to rebuild their homes and a new type of dwelling houses construction.