Gori is one of the oldest cities in Georgia. Officially it was declared as a city in 1801. The name of the city is according the rocky hills which the city is built ot, where is built an ancient fortress. Goris has been mentioned in notes since VII century. Some historians believe that the castle was built by Byzantine Caesar Heraclius, with help of ammunition store, when he fought against the Persians. Although some historical sources attribute the foundation of the city to David the Builder (XII century). The most important strategic and economic road junction was located in the city and it meant political supremacy over Shida Kartli.

In the XIII century, Ossetians occupied Gori with the help of Mongols and settled there for a long time. The fortress destroyed many times and was built the second time in 1774 during the reign of King Irakli II, but it was damaged in 1920 during the earthquake.

Stalin Museum includes the memorial house, where Stalin was born, exposition building with tower and Stalin’s personal coach, which he had traveled to Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam. Stalin’s personal items are also housed in the museum.

Historical fortress in the center of Gori, locates on a high rocky hill. Preserved ruins on the north slope and archaeological evidence indicates that the strongest bulwark stood there is BC. Sec. I millennium, which mentions «Gori Citadel” first in the XIII century.