Bakuriani – is located at an altitude of 1700 meters, in the Borjomi region, in the stunning mountains of the Caucasus. Only three-hour drive from Tbilisi. Before Olympic sportsmen used to train here. So, such high level of infrastructure and trails are not surprising. It offers some of the most spectacular ski and snowboard tracks in Europe. The most popular winter resort and recreational destination. Enjoy quick access to ganittvirtet running trails, horseback riding tours, or just enjoy the beautiful sled sliding or just take a walk in forests covered snow.
Bakuriani main paths:
Kokhta 2 (2,255 meters) known as the Tatra
Twenty-five – the easiest path, near the 25-meter ski-jump. This is an ideal place for beginners and children, and a pleasant and safe environment for learning skiing. You can also ski in the vicinity of the sled or enjoy a horse riding tour.
Mountain route passes through one of the tallest mountain in Europe – Sakvelo. This is where you can enjoy amazing views. You can get to the slopes with the help of gondola, the access route is available by the blue or red routs. The longest ski trail runs about 4 kilometers. Experienced skiers can climb further. You can decend from there with steep and difficult – black or red routes.

Other activities:
Sky cross paths of Bakuriani attract skiers and snowbordeners, beginners as well as experts. You can make two most difficult decend from Kokhta and Didveli mountain. And if skiing and snowboarding are not enjoyable for you, Bakuriani offer an unforgettable time to spend in winter holidays, to ride a horse in the park. Mountains and valleys around Bakuriani are ideal to move by snowmobiles. You can also enjoy a romantic walk and breathtaking views of the villages.
You can rent guide services, including single and double snowmobiles in hotels and various shops.