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the Black Sea resorts, which are connected by a 552-meter pedestrian bridge, attracts tourists to the sandy beaches, boulevard, hotels, a yacht club and aqua park.


Piazza Batumi

Piazza Batumi is one of the most beautiful squares in the whole Georgia. Piazza complex incorporates a hotel, restaurant and cafe-bar. Piazza has already established an entertainment complex. Here at the world-famous musicians such as Placido Domingo, Chris Botti, Sting, Macy Gray, Michel Legrand and Tamar Gverdtsiteli gave concerts.


Batumi Dolphinarium

the dolphinarium locates in Batumi 6 May park area, which with a unique trilingual shows has been turned into the most visited place by tourists. 6 May Park in Georgia is one of the oldest public gardens, which construction began in 1881. Besides dolphinarium, there is the aquarium, zoo corner and children’s attractions. It is also possible to go for boating in the lake located in the park.


Batumi Boulevard

seaside boulevard development has started since 1881, and famous Prussian gardener Resler and French Mikheil Dalpons played a big role in its development. Batumi Boulevard is currently 7 kilometers and includes the old and the new Park Boulevard. Sea coastline with bungalows, cafe lounges, restaurants, children’s attractions, and modern design relaxing chairs, sculptures and new fountains became the most attractive place for city visitors.


Old Batumi

Old Batumi- the original form of the town – Batusi in the IV BC century was used to be mentioned. Interesting historical past has influenced the architectural diversity of Batumi. Since the period when the city was called as Porto Franco, it was built with the help of European architects. Old historical part of Batumi Sea Port and the existing space is located on the boulevard. It is mainly oriented towards the sea; include diverse two-story houses with colorful balconies and facades.


Beaches of Adjara

Beaches of Adjara- located in Batumi, Kvariati, Sarpi, Gonio, Tsikhisdziri, and Green Cape and besides the beautiful beaches host many tourists in the summer, and promise an unforgettable holiday. Besides modern infrastructure and diversity of the recreational beaches, Adjara is special for its sanitation climate.
One of the most beautiful parts of Georgia – Adjara is located in the southwestern part of the Black Sea coast, to the south it is bordered by the Republic of Turkey.



a city called as a pearl is located in the Black Sea, where in the early 20th century European architects built a lot of buildings and now it is a symbol of the architectural innovation.
Nature has a special charm for visitors; it is presented in a variety of climatic zones, and still has remnants of “primitive” look.