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Katskhi Pillar

კირქვის სვეტისებრი 40 მეტრიანი კლდე ჭიათურის მუნიციპალიტეტში მდებარეობს. სვეტის თავზე შემორჩენილია ეკლესიის ნაშთი, კრიპტა (აკლდამა), სენაკები, მარანი და გალავანი.


Sataplia Nature Reserve

Sataplia Nature Reserve is in the north-west, 6 km away from Kutaisi. There is kept an excellent forest reserve, covering more than five hundred hectares. It is possible to visit the dinosaur trace conservation facilities; view cave, overview from the glass sunroof and experience other exciting adventure activities.

There are kept a lot of exhibits, more than 150 000 exhibits in Kutaisi State Historical Museum. Among them there is a country’s unique cultural heritage dated from BC VII – IX centuries, from the late Middle Ages.


Motsameta Monastery

Motsameta Monastery is 6 km away from Kutaisi. In the VIII century monastery assemble was built by of the Holy Martyrs David and Constantine Mkheidzes the princes of Argveti Kingdom. Their holy remains are still preserved in the temple and there is a rumor that if you go under the place where their arts are kept your desire will come true.



in the surroundings of the Adishi there are many monuments of medieval Georgian art: four churches with wall painting, houses, towers, samples.



Mestia district community is made up from 8 villages: Agra, Ifrari, lalkhori, Davberi, Khe,Vichna, Khalde and Laskrali. Major attractions: Ifrari XI century church, XI century St. Kvirike Church (Lagurka) in the village of Sopelkhevi.



Ushguli is located in Mestia district, at the foot of Shkhara, in the connection place of the Enguri and The Shavtskala-Kvishara. Community is made up of 4 villages (Zhibiani, Chvibiani, Murqmeli and Chazha) and its height above sea level ranges from 2060 meters to 2200 meters. Ushguli is considered as the highest settlement in Europe. Community Center in the village of Chazha is declared as a museum and it is in UNESCO World Heritage Monument Site list.


Chalaadi Glacier

Chalaadi Glacier- gorge type glacier is located on the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountains, at the beginning of the river Tiachali. The glacier at an altitude of 1850 meters height. Chalaati is the only glacier that dig in the forest zone. The glacier is fed by summits Bzhedukhi, Chatini and Dalakori.


Ski lift and the view from Zuruldi

Ski lift and the view from Zuruldi- in 8 kilometers from Mestia, passing through pine forest you discover yourself in Hatsvali, from where you are enable to go to Zuruldi mountaintop. In winter, 2,400-meter ski slopes are functioning. Any time of year there is a unique view from Zuruldi of the huge mountain Ushba, white Tetnuldi and the Caucasus Mountains.



Mestia is the starting point for a trip to the region. It is located 456 km far from Georgian capital Tbilisi at an altitude of 1,500 meters. Here are a range of home hotels, hotels and travel services, which is making it convenient for exploring the area. As well as a new ski, resort will allow the ski or snowboard even in summer.