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city is located in eastern Georgia, in the Northeast slope bottom of Gombori and Alazani valley. The regional administrative center of Kakheti. The last station of Telavi-Tbilisi railway line. It is 550-800 m above sea level, 158 km from Tbilisi. It was declared a town in 1801. Telavi is a home of wine. There are Museum of Art, and the castle theater highlighting folk song and dance in Telavi. In Telavi it is possible to arrange a perfect 2-3 day excursion, the ideal place for Georgian food and wine tasting.


“Khareba” Enoteka

“Khareba”- enoteka in the time of the Soviet Union, one of the largest wine producers, named as “Khareba” founded the winery factory and tasting rooms. Pass through the cold halls, learn more about wine and enjoy a breathtaking view of the tower. Find out which wine producer you like better: European or Georgian.


Kindzmarauli vineyard and winery

In Kindzmarauli vineyard and winery you can be a witness of the wine production process, taste the famous semi-sweet Georgian wine, Kindzmarauli “, which grows only in this region.


Kuakantsalia The swinging rock

The Kuakantsalia swinging rock- even if the pressure of weak it starts shaking and makes a tapping sound. Kuakantsalias swinging rock determines its composition (limestone) and the fact that it is located in a karst massive.