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Javakheti is the rocky mountainous region with rugged gorges, springs, lakes, rivers, long and fast rivers. Samtskhe have very few vallies, terrainn is difficult: plain terraces, hills and volcanic mountains.

The main rivers of Samtskhe are The Kura and the Chorokhi. Javakheti includes several sub-region, they are the following: the north-Chobaret- Tabisquri, Akhalkalaki and southern plains or Kartsakhi-Niall. Javakheti surface is an undulating plain, the topography of the caves, valleys, rivers, hills and canyons. There are many cold, small and large rivers, freshwater lakes with a lot of fish. It should be noted that the great rivers of the region are The Paravani and its tributaries The Javakheti Kura and others. Large lakes of Javakheti are the following: The Paravani, The Khanchali, The Sagamo, The Madatapa, The Bugdasheni, The Tsunda and others. Akhaltsikhe basin is a belt of broad-leaved forest, spruce and pine forest along 1850 meters. Above the forest zone there are subalpine and alpine meadows. In the gorge of The Dzandze river there is located the flora which is known of the Goderzi flora.

Samtskhe-Javakheti Culture and Traditions

Samtkhe-Javakheti is the oldest region of Georgia. In this area theer are many archaeological sites. We can say that Javakheti land keeps many secrets and its extensive areas need to be explored.

Samtskhe-Javakheti- this is the oldest Meskheti – the founder of spiritual and cultural development. The name of former capital of Georgia comes from the word “Mtskheta”, a number of authors argue that “Meskhta” means town. The greatest poet and genius of Georgia Shota Rustaveli was the resident of Meskheti.

The archelogical excavations have revealed that people have been living in Samtskhe-Javakheti area since ancient time. In the territory of region there are a lot of ancient settlement and barrow burials. Here we meet the cyclopean type huge castles, walls, towers and crypts.


Javakheti is characterized with special climate. For most of the fields there is the mountainous region climate. Winter cold and it snows very little, while summers are long and warm. In higher zones, on the Meskheti ridge, there is transitional climate from humid to moderately continental. The average air temperature range is from -3C degrees to +9C.

Food in Samtskhe-Javakheti

Apokhti is considered a delicacy in Samtskhe-javakhur- salted and dried meat. Tatarberaki is a traditional dish – boiled thin chopped dough slices in butter accompanied with stewed onions. Bakmaz is honey made by mulberry fruit. Tenili cheese is pride of Meskhetian cuisine. Beekeeping is also developed. There is a large range of products and a variety of baked goods, wheat foods: Kakala, Somini, Bazlava and several types of bread.